Moraine Lake pt. 2

Moraine Lake in May is insane. Mostly because the access road doesn't open until late May - early June so it's way less crowded than it is later into the summer - also, that blue! 

The only downside of heading to the lake this early is that since it's glacier fed it doesn't completely fill until late June. 

 Not a big deal as it's still crazy beautiful, but you can't go canoeing (just head up the road to Lake Louise for that) and it means less intense blue hued views from the lakeshore hike. 

This time we made sure to walk up the rock pile trail (that was actually our main mission) and wow! This trail is a must even if you're here when it's packed!

We were lucky enough to have the entire viewing area to ourselves and our pup for a few minutes to take it all in and get some photos. 

We could easily visit this place a hundred times over! Crowded with hundreds of people or half empty, it doesn't matter, this place is insane and a must for your adventure list.

get busy living deep!