Lake Louise

Lake Louise doesn't really require an introduction, because come on, it's Lake Louise. Everyone knows where it is and if they haven't gone they want to go. We feel incredibly lucky to be only a few hours drive away from such a beautiful place! On this particular trip Bryson and I got even luckier as I won a trip through my works incentive program that included us being set up for the weekend at the Fairmont Hotel (a place we wouldn't be able to afford otherwise). Waking up with this view and access to the lake and trails totally warrants the price tag though. 

Taking advantage of the fact that we won't likely be staying at this hotel for a while to come we woke up at 5:00 am our first day, grabbed a coffee from the 24 hr cafe, and ran outside to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. 

The sun doesn't rise over the lake, however if you're lucky it will light up the mountain range at the back of the lake. It was a bit chilly and foggy during our morning so we strolled along the lake and took our time taking in the beauty and revelled in the fact that we were the only ones outside to enjoy it at the time. Having Lake Louise to ourselves, if only for a moment, was one of my favourite parts of the trip.

We also got a nice morning greeting from a black bear eating her breakfast and some very accommodating staff who allowed tourists to stand near them and take photo's while they readied themselves with bear spray, just incase. 

Lake Louise is such a magical place, it blows my mind how much there is to do in the area! We're actually heading back again in September to camp and check out hikes we haven't yet had the time to explore. 

get busy living deep!