Lily Lake, Northern AB

Over the summer Bryson and I headed out to hike Lily Lake, a short hike near where I live. The trail starts at the Marten Mountain lookout providing amazing views of Slave Lake below- the area is especially beautiful in the fall. There are a couple of picnic tables tucked away in between a circling of trees, too.

To get here you have to drive up an bumpy dirt road until you get to the top of Marten Mountain lookout area, from there the trail head starts and takes you down the other side of the mountain until you make your way to Lily Lake. 

The lake is fairly small but is stocked with trout, a couple of small seating areas, and a row boat to get out to go fishing in. On warmer days the lake will be a bit busier, especially on long weekends, so try to head out earlier if you want to use the boat and have an area to sit around the lake... there are really only two seating areas and both were packed on this visit.

I've never had any issues along the trail however the beginning of the hike is loaded with raspberry bushes and there are definitely bears in the area (black & grizzlies) so I wouldn't recommend hiking alone, especially if the area isn't busy when you arrive. 

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